Passion Fruit Raspberry

Pachamama Passion Fruit Raspberry

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Ratio: 80/20

Full Flavor Description

Pachamama is known for its delicious combinations of exotic fruits and unique flavor, and Passion Fruit Raspberry Yuzu is no exception! We start off with the rare passion fruit, named for its burst of passionate color and exquisite flavor. The passion fruit is a dark purple on the outside, but a deep yellow flesh within. Soft and tart and sweet, the passion fruit carries the exotic flavor of other island fruits, much like pineapples, mangos, guavas, and papaya! The tartness of the passion fruit blends beautifully with the soft raspberries, gathered fresh in the heat of the summer sun. Each plump raspberry delivers a burst of summer sweetness, smooth and rolling in every cloud.

And finally, we have a unique and exotic fruit known as the Yuzu. Much like a mandarin, the yuzu fruit is a member of the citrus family, and deliver sweet and tropical Asian flavor into this e-liquid. Citrus, summer raspberry, and sultry passion fruit make a delicious e-liquid that fruit vape juice lovers everywhere will adore. Keep your tank full of a triple whammy of fruit goodness, offering warm yuzu citrus, sweet silky raspberries, and rich passion fruit in every puff!