Snacker Doodle

Snacker Doodle


Snacker Doodle by Tailored House E-Liquid | 60ml

When it comes to the ultimate dessert flavor that has proved time and time again to be the most delicious of them all, there are only a select few which come to mind. However, if ice cream sandwiches tantalize your taste buds more than anything, get ready for an astonishing treat. You’re gonna fall in love with Snacker Doodle by Tailored House E-Liquid. Two buttery, cinnamon-infused snickerdoodle cookies act as the bread to a scoop of smooth, rich vanilla ice cream.

As soon as you take that first glorious puff, the warm cinna-taste thrills your taste buds. Slowly, the chewy churro drifts across your tongue as its butter melts into your palate. The richness level captivates your sweet tooth as the rush of creaminess emerges. As you slowly release, every taste bud will be soaked.

The amount of fog with each pull just adds to the enjoyment of this vape.

Being complex and balanced guarantees maximum satisfaction.

Primary Flavors: Snickerdoodle Cookie, Ice Cream, Dessert