Strawberry Crunch

Strawberry Crunch


Strawberry Crunch by Tailored House E-Liquid | 60ml

When we think of strawberry combinations it’s usually some sort of dessert that makes our sweet tooth go absolutely wild. Even if the treat is a bit out of the ordinary. Well vapers, get ready to vape just that with Strawberry Crunch by Tailored House E-Liquid. It never fails to satisfy thanks to its blend of buttery sugar cookies and smooth, sweet strawberry ice cream. Inspired by a well-known creamy sandwich, this premium juice dazzles the palate with a blend of flavor notes that each please in their own special way.

Instantly, the vapor brings with it sweet and tangy strawberry creaminess as it floods the palate. Then the buttery notes of the cookie come through. With every exhale, the richness makes your sweet tooth swoon.

Its rich clouds and solid throat hit production will keep you in a good mood.

This is truly a classic e-juice sensation that has been taken to new heights for your vaping pleasure.

Primary Flavors: Sugar Cookies, Ice Cream, Strawberry, Dessert